After 2 years of unexplained pain under my left hip, I had one acupuncture treatment with Ling and it made the pain go away. Conventional medicine did not work but acupuncture did, I would now highly recommended acupuncture to anyone.
— Brody Mitchell



Ling had treated my fibromyalgia, neck pain, low energy, and weight issue. She is so kind and really helped with my conditions. Now I feel so MUCH better

— Karen White

I came to Ling with the goal of using her expertise in acupuncture to lose weight and relieve arthritis pain. I do believe she succeeded in both. I had 3 sessions of treatment and am using chinese herbs for weight loss. There's a difference in the way i feel and my husband says he definitely noticed a difference in my eating habit. I will continue with the program with hope of success for weight loss. Thank you Ling, hope we meet again so you can see the success!

— MaryAnne smith

Having Acupuncture services was God send. I pulled my back muscle and was having lots of pain with difficulty walking. After just one treatment, I was feeling like a new person.

— desra perhach

I have terminal cancer, with fatigue, loss of balance, difficult walking, low mental energy, fluid retention in legs, stomach and liver area. After I began treatment with Ling, I was able to walk with my wife & son around. I did not fall asleep during the day like I had done for the past 12 months. I felt energy that gave me good  positive flow through my body. My wife noticed my color was brighter as well. My deepest thanks to Ling and her superior skills and knowledge for giving me such good health.

— Mark Rankin