TCM Services:

Acupuncture: Acupuncture is one of the main branch of Chinese medicine which involves the insertion of fine, sterile needles into acupoints on the body. This will trigger physiological change in the body after the needles has been retained for a period of time, allowing the body to activate its natural healing mechanisms. The needles can stimulate the release of certain biochemicals such as endorphin to relieve pain, and also boost immune system, increase circulation, while stimulate metabolism.

Electrical stimulation: This assist needles by connecting a machine to the needles sending electric impulses thus causing muscle contractions. This is most effective for muscular aches & pain. This technique also replaces traditional techniques where acupuncturist has to stimulate the needle manually to achieve De Qi sensation.  (Please inform your acupuncturist if you are wearing a pacemaker, or have cardiovascular condition which is unsuitable for electric acupuncture)

Cupping: A treatment  modality which utilize glass cups or plastics ones to create a vacuum which draws the blood to the local area. This not only relaxes the muscles, opening up the blockage, but also draws fresh blood flow to the area which provide nutrients for the muscles & tissues to recover.   (Do not be alarmed by the purple bruises that are left by the cupping which will disappear in few days, this is an indication of blocked circulation)

Auricular therapy: Using herbal seeds, ear needles or other modalities to stimulate the auricular reflex point in the ear which has connection to the internal body

Food Cure : Chinese doctors use natural food sources with medicinal effect to provide the nutrients that the body is lacking. Ex: use of turmeric for its anti-inflammatory effect to treat arthritis

Herbal Medicine: Chinese herbs is the major branch of TCM, and it's more commonly practiced in China, where patients with chronic conditions would use natural herbal remedies to correct imbalances in the body and promote healing. Most of our herbal formulas have been used for thousands of years, so not only are they time tested but they are also very safe with little or no side effect.  A Chinese herbalist would formulate the herbs specially tailored to the patients by targeting multiple symptoms and correcting the underlying cause of illness.

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